Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

When Gemini and Cancer Sign meet it may define very interesting relationships. Cancer natives face trouble while they communicate. They are not able to communicate very clearly. On the Other hand, Gemini defines clear communication. If Gemini and cancer natives are in relationship and Gemini does not give much priority to cancer with warm heartily, trouble may consequent.

Gemini and Cancer Both Gemini and Cancer are good at talking. The crab has an ability to remember minute details about any incident and when they both talk they can hold each other till late in the conversation with their wit and charm. Both the Twins and the Crab are dreamers and quite moody also, both have creative imaginations and are frequently amused.

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Gemini woman & Cancer man Love Compatibility

A Cancerian man has an emotional and sentimental personality similarly a gemini girl is also very emotional. Overall it is a happy relationship but for the Gemini woman a lot of patience is required and the Cancerian man need to adapt himself according to situations. For this relationship to work devotion is required. Since both live in a world of dreams so it is a passionate relationship.

The crab ideally has a possessive nature whereas the twins have double minds. So clashes can occur between them and staying happy is a little difficult as her ruling planet is Mercury and according to sun-moon aspect she does not send patient vibes. Another challenge is their mood swings. Sometimes she is happy but the crab is cranky, this disappoints her.

Gemini And Cancer Compatibility Verdict

Magnetic attractions will be evident between these extremely different personalities. It is possible that these two can link up on an emotional level. However, in the long run their different approach to life will escalate and prove that they are poles apart.

Gemini is an extrovert while Cancer is an introvert.  The latter wants to stay home next to one he/she loves while the other wants to be out and about chasing one adventure to the next.  The twins require breathing space while the crab gets clingy when in love. Cancers focus on security while Gemini thrives on variety.

If ever they decide to take the relationship a notch higher, Cancer would have to bend backwards and adjust to Gemini’s nature.  It would be difficult for this couple to make things work even if they agree to meet halfway early on in the relationship.  Cancer will likely hold on to the relationship and look beyond its imperfections but Gemini will become too restless for comfort and break free.