Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

It’s interesting how sometimes, even though it seems like there is a small chance of a successful relationship, some couples choose to go with it anyway. When we put Cancer and Leo together, should we automatically think that it’s not going to happen or are we in for a surprise?

What we often hear about Cancer is that it is quite a sensitive star sign and according to some, maybe just a bit too emotional. They fear the outside world and are often found hid-ing under their shell, hardly ever leaving their comfort zone. Their spirit is sweet and gen-tle, which makes them an easy target for anyone with a strong influence. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t fight back when you mess with what is dearest to them.

On the other hand, Leo is known to be fearless in everyone’s eyes, constantly striving to be the center of attention. Unlike Cancer, Leo greets the world with open arms and doesn’t run from their challenges. This zodiac sign’s energy creates an aura around them that makes them very lovable and easy to get along with. These people are never holding back, proving to everyone that they can do anything they set their minds to.

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Love Compatibility

Leo possesses a warm heart & a fun loving personality. Cancer on the other hand, holds emotions close their heart & often turn into a sad ball of eternal love. Though both value emotions & love, the absence of fun & the sheer presence of darkness drive them in opposite directions. Leo prefers a happy & joyous atmosphere, whereas Pisces is filled with sadness. Thus, love compatibility is low despite of love in abundance.

Trust Compatibility

Leo thrives to be the center of attraction. While Cancer also wants their partner’s undivided attention, Leo’s thirst for attention is out of their habit to show off. This can often put off Pisces as well as the trust they put in their partner. If the two can mutually discuss their needs with their partners, this issue can be resolved. However, both are way too proud to except that.