Pisces Horoscope

Pisces are extremely psychic and can amaze people with their uncanny ability to predict things. They are usually gifted in anything creative from designing to music. They are also very clever when they want to be. They have the most stunning eyes and that’s the first thing that attracts the opposite sex. They are probably the first ones to start a rumour and could find it a bit tough to keep a secret. They are everyone’s friend so can be a touch easily led because fish have no backbones. In other words they can’t say ‘no’. Pisces like quiet places and beautiful surroundings and probably wouldn’t thank you for giving them a surprise party.

This idealistic, dreamy, kind and impractical sign needs a lot of understanding.

They have a fractured personality that has so many sides and so many moods that they probably don’t even understand themselves. Nobody is more kind, thoughtful and caring but they have a tendency to drift away from people and responsibilities.

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