Negative Signs Zodiac

The signs of the zodiac also have Polarity. They are either positive or negative, but not in a “good or bad” point of view, better to think of it like a battery or a magnet, with it’s positive or negative poles, not good or bad, just different. Beginning with Aries, the signs alternate between positive and negative through the zodiac. Water and Earth signs are considered negative or self repressive. Negative polarity is Yin. Signs of negative polarity are more withdrawn and introverted. They are receptive and responsive, and reactive to outside influences.

Negative Zodiac Signs in Opposition

The six negative signs are associated with the elements earth and water. Keywords: earth/receptive, water/passive. The three negative earth signs are: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The three negative water signs are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The three negative polarities are: Taurus-Scorpio, Cancer-Capricorn and Virgo-Pisces.

Taurus – ScorpioSecond House – Eighth House

The Taurus-Scorpio, second house/eighth house polarity: personal values, possessions, security and trust vs. joint values, shared resources, security and trust. Keywords: personal resources vs. shared resources and support. The Taurus-Scorpio second house/eighth house polarity shows where we are attempting to balance personal values and resources (Taurus) with shared values and resources (Scorpio). We must integrate the opposing forces between “mine” (Taurus) and “ours” (Scorpio).

We can fluctuate between using personal resources for personal security (Taurus) vs. shared resources to gain shared security (Scorpio). The challenge is to find the balance between the two extremes: personal resources in support of others interests and sense of self-worth (Taurus) vs. shared resources in support of self-interest and a sense of power and control (Scorpio). The Taurus-Scorpio polarity connects personal interests and resources with shared resources and interests.

Cancer – CapricornFourth House – Tenth House

The Cancer-Capricorn, fourth house/tenth house polarity: family nurturing, care and protection vs. authority, status and public recognition. Keywords: family protection and care vs. public respect and control. The Cancer-Capricorn fourth house/tenth house polarity shows where we are attempting to balance family support and protection (Cancer) with public recognition and status (Capricorn). We must integrate the opposing forces between the time and energy we devote to family care, support and protection (Cancer) and the time and energy we devote to our career, public recognition, status and control (Capricorn).

We can fluctuate between providing a caring and protective home environment (Cancer) vs. public advancement, achievement, respect and recognition (Capricorn). The challenge is to find the balance between the two extremes: family care and protection (Cancer) and public advancement, respect, recognition and control (Capricorn).The Cancer-Capricorn polarity connects the mother with the father.

Virgo – PiscesSixth House – Twelfth House

The Virgo-Pisces, sixth house/twelfth house polarity: hard practical work vs. inspiration and imagination. Keywords: reality vs. idealism. The Virgo-Pisces sixth house/twelfth house polarity shows where we are attempting to balance work (Virgo) and sacrifice (Pisces). We must integrate the opposing forces between practical service (Virgo) and compassionate service (Pisces).

We can fluctuate between being the realist, working for our daily bread (Virgo) and sacrificing for the ideals of others (Pisces).The challenge is to find the balance between the two extremes: taking the practical approach and working in service to others (Virgo) and taking the idealistic approach and giving in sacrifice to others (Pisces). The Virgo-Pisces polarity connects practical service with compassionate service. There are extremes in every polarity. However, extremes are necessary for us to find the centre balance.

Zodiac Elements

Philosophical treatises of Chinese sages singled out 5 elements – primary elements, while Western astrologers distinguish only 4 natural elements. They are united by one goal – to help a person find their belonging and spiritual harmony, to understand themselves. Each sign of the Zodiac has a dual nature: Yin (defines introversion, intuition and passive traits) and Yan (responsible for extraverting and dominating logic). The polar opposite signs of two opposites are able to improve the compatibility of partners, unipolar on the contrary – worsen.