List of Questions

1. What is Indianastrologyguru.com?
Ans. Indianastrologyguru.com is an astrology based web portal and service. With Bejan Daruwalla as its brand ambassador and main astrologer, Indianastrologyguru.com comprises of an erudite team of astrologers, personally trained by Shri Bejan Daruwalla. Services from Indianastrologyguru.com are available via Internet, Mobile Telephony, Apps.

2. When was Indianastrologyguru.com launched?
Ans. Indianastrologyguru.com was launched on 25th of April, 2003.

3. How do you process queries?
Ans. All the queries that we get from our website interface and from our partners pass through two levels. They first go to a junior astrologer who makes the relevant chart, casts the predictions and sends it to another senior astrologer. The senior astrologer then validates the reply, and makes it in a customer presentable form. If need be, Shri Bejan Daruwalla is consulted during this process. Once the query has been approved by our senior astrologers it goes to the customer. It would be also useful to note here that all our astrologers follow the astrological principles taught and practised by Shri Bejan Daruwalla.

4. How much time do you take to process these queries?
Ans. It’s our endeavour to address all the queries within 72 hours of payment confirmation for all orders placed at Indianastrologyguru.com. Queries coming in from our partner sites get answered within 7 days.

5. Is the pricing same across all countries?
Ans. Yes, the pricing for our services is same across all countries. We have made an arrangement so that pricing in the local currency of the country you are currently surfing from can be shown. This is meant for the convenience of our valued patrons. We use online currency converters to get the exchange rates once a day.

6. Do you prescribe gemstones and yantras?
Ans. We at Indianastrologyguru.com would like to provide remedies that do not cost much. To do so, we prescribe mantras and simple pujas that you can do it yourself. However, if you are keen to wear a gemstone, or buy a yantra, we provide such guidance and facility too. Which remedy to follow is entirely your decision.

7. Who are your partners?
Ans. We are associated with multiple partners across relevant domains including premium news services, publications and leading mobile and other telephone service providers. For a complete list of our current esteemed partners, visit ‘Our Partners‘ page.

8. What sort of content do you provide?
Ans. Today Indianastrologyguru.com is in a position of providing a wide variety of content and services through various media including internet, telephony, books and apps. We provide content via SMS, MMS, WAP, Voice(pre-recorded and live consultations) and personalised as well as automated services on the internet.

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Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?

Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?

Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?

Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?