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Initiated in the year 2003 with a definitive vision, our parent brand Indianastrologyguru.com is a pioneer in more than one ways. Back then, E-commerce space was yet in its infancy, and the examples to follow were far and few. The aim and vision of the company, however, was set from the day one – to streamline a scattered, direction-less astrology market. Today, the parent company i.e. Pandit Ventures Private Ltd. has come a long way since its nascent days, and has expanded its vistas in myriad ways. Besides Indianastrologyguru.com, which is undoubtedly the Numero Uno astrology website in India, the company now boasts of an impressive portfolio of running and upcoming products, services and brands.

The young, charismatic innovator and techno-entrepreneur, who never shies away from experimenting with novel concepts and uncharted territories, Mr. Hemang Arunbhai Pandit has been the key driving force and the brain behind the foundation and creation of the entire Indianastrologyguru.com business, and its running/ upcoming subsidiaries. The architect of the website www.indianastrologyguru.com, Mr. Pandit has powered the business with his eye-on-the-target approach and inventive spirit. He holds great respect and preference for high quality service standards, and his vision and firm belief in tenets of hard yet smart work have, time and again, yielded spectacular results. His unique entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism have been instrumental in writing the success story of this organisation.

The organisation’s basic philosophy rests firmly on the belief that no true success can be achieved unless there is complete and concerted involvement of the entire staff in all its endeavours. No wonder, the whole team of staff members and astrologers functions as one big, extended family at Indianastrologyguru. The team of astrologers at GS has been personally trained and nurtured by the revered astrologer Shri Bejan Daruwalla, and it has also been proclaimed as the official successors of Shri Daruwalla’s astrological legacy.

world-renowned, revered astrologer and prophesier Shri Bejan Daruwalla is not someone who needs a lyrical and eloquent introduction. His name and his illustrious line of work speak well enough for him. He has been associated with Indianastrologyguru.com, as its brand ambassador, promoter and fountain-head of wisdom, right from the organisation’s inception. And, it is he who, in the year 2003, had formally inaugurated the website and its services. In the last few years, owing to his failing health, he has cut down on his active role. However, he officially named Indianastrologyguru.com and its team of astrologers as his successors a few years back, and now guides and nurtures Indianastrologyguru’ team.

Internet and the world wide web have been instrumental in changing the face of the world. At Indianastrologyguru.com, we have an immense faith in the power and viability of this medium, and we believe that a universally sought subject like Astrology ought to be showcased via this hugely accessible medium. The website Indianastrologyguru.com had been created with the primary aim to streamline a largely unstructured, cluttered astrology market. And thus, E-Space was the obvious choice, for on which other platform people from all over the world could connect with astrologers and astrology services without any hassle, in such a credible manner. Today, Indianastrologyguru is world’s third largest astrology-based website, and is, undoubtedly, the numero uno in India. Given its reliable, top-of-the-line content and services and a strong team of Bejan Daruwalla trained astrologers, there’s no wonder that today Indianastrologyguru.com, the portal receives over 20 lakh or 2 million visitors every month.

Indianastrologyguru.com’s success story is not limited to the web platform. Telecom business is one such subsidiary of our business that has made its presence felt in a great way. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of our most successful services. Via Telecom domain, we have forayed into the media of mobile telephony, SMS, WAP, IVR and Mobile Apps. The short code 55181, used to provide voice-based personalized and IVR astrology consultancy, is already quite popular. Most premium cellular and telephone operators have partnered with us for this code as well as Value Added Services. The company has 5 call centres across India, which provide 24 X 7 X 365 consultancy services in English and myriad Indian languages to over 7 lakh callers every month. With 100% authentic and relevant content and an extremely well-trained team of astrologers, Indianastrologyguru.com, undeniably has a hand on the pulse of its callers and followers.

Over the years, the stock markets have come to assume a vital place in the world’s economy. The fortunes are made and broken, on a regular basis in this volatile and shifty world. With due respect to the stock market experts’ views, it has to be accepted that it would be hugely useful if the market’s trends could be accurately foreseen. Astrology, by reading into the planetary trends (of a particular country, time-period, company and scrip), can calculate and predict the probable movements of the market. Indianastrologyguru.com read into this trend, and thus was born Fortune Mantra. A specialised and personalised astrology-based stock markets’ consultation service, Fortune Mantra aims at helping individuals and firms increase profits and reduce losses in speculative dealings, especially those related with stock markets. It is here where Indianastrologyguru’ strong astrology base merges with a deep understanding of the financial markets to create a breathtaking combination that’s Fortune Mantra.

Books are the greatest and most apt repositories of the knowledge and wisdom. Being a knowledge based organisation, we, at Indianastrologyguru.com, maintain dissipating relevant and authentic knowledge as one of our primary aims. Besides, as a premier astrology-based service, we take it on us to leave behind the legacy of the age-old wisdom of astrology and its application for the generations to come. And, what better way it could be than via Books. Our foray into books’ creation and publishing domain is a relatively new one, yet we have already taken giant strides towards success. All our books come with a promise of supreme quality and credible content, and they are lucid, well-compiled and superbly written. Last, but not the least, all our books bear the hallmarks of accuracy, reliability and trust associated with Indianastrologyguru.com.

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How Can Indianastrologyguru Help You?

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The science of astrology has been in existence for thousands of years. The aim is to make a conscious attempt to measure, record and predict objective and subjective events by studying the positions of the heavenly bodies at any given time. Changing with the times, Indianastrologyguru.com has taken this science of astrology to the online world, by providing personalized daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions based on planetary positions and horoscopes. Besides, specific areas of life including Career, Finances, Business, Love, Educational, Personal and Property are astutely addressed with customised, tailor-made solutions and reports by Indianastrologyguru.com team. The erudite team of astrologers at Indianastrologyguru.com has been tutored by Bejan Daruwala himself.

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Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?

Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?

Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?

Planets in Astrology

Elements in Astrology

Philosophical treatises of Chinese sages singled out 5 elements – primary elements, while Western astrologers distinguish only 4 natural elements. They are united by one goal – to help a person find their belonging and spiritual harmony, to understand themselves. Each sign of the Zodiac has a dual nature: Yin (defines introversion, intuition and passive traits) and Yan (responsible for extraverting and dominating logic). The polar opposite signs of two opposites are able to improve the compatibility of partners, unipolar on the contrary – worsen.