Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer and Libra are complimenting signs, literally and figuratively. Each one makes up for the aspects that the other lacks. Apart from this magnificent quality, they also share a great degree of similar interests that help them get along nicely and enjoy a partnership that satisfies their need for a loving partner.

What’s even more wonderful about this match is that both the signs have a certain palpable chemistry between them that stays alive even when they are going through some rough patch in their life, in fact, it acts as a pillar of support. Their companionship is great as well so if nothing, they would always continue on friendly terms. Cancer-Libra Relationship Compatibility can rather be considered interesting than good.

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Can Cancer and Libra be good friends?

A friendship between Cancer and Libra is an association of like-minded yet distinct individuals. But this is something that makes their friendship so interesting because they’ll always have a companion with a critical perspective. If you look at this positively, you’ll find honesty as the key element of this match.

But sometimes, too much honesty can be painful. And apparently, it is the case here. Libra you see is one of the most practical signs on the entire horoscope wheel with a pragmatic approach towards almost everything. And they don’t hold back on saying the truth out loud and in the open, even it is about something way too personal and intimate. Cancers being overly emotional as they are can’t stand the embarrassment and get easily hurt. This upsets the harmony between both the signs.

Cancer with Libra: Sexual Intimacy and Closure

Like the root of all advice, it will get better if given enough time. However, you did not come all this way to read this advice now, did you? Let us explain to you in detail how the sex and closure work out in a Cancer and Libra relationship, as the first step to any dating compatibility is in fact how good the understanding of two people is in bed. If that does not work out, nothing does. Trust us on this one.

Although not one of the Cancer compatible signs, Libra tends to understand the sexual needs of a Cancer in a very good way. This is mainly because of the fact that Cancer’s planet Saturn is exalted in Libra. In addition to that, this expansion can lead a Libra to handle a Cancer in times of sexual tension cleverly. In other times when only sex can help a Cancer calm down, a Libra would sense it before anything else too.