Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

Cancer And Pisces Compatibility

Traditionally this is considered to be one of the most harmonious Star Sign combinations, with good prospects for long-term love compatibility and happiness!

Belonging to the same element of Water, Cancer and Pisces are both ruled by their heart and share a similarly caring and intuitive approach to life. Each sign has a genuine respect for the other’s talents and abilities – Cancer for Pisces’ creative imagination and artistic gifts – Pisces for Cancer’s nurturing and home-making skills – and are able to interact successfully in a variety of ways.

Difficulties may arise only as a result of the excess of sensitivity generated by this star sign combination, and a mutual tendency towards moodiness. Both Cancer and Pisces can’t help but wear their heart on their sleeve yet neither are good at rationally discussing – or achieving closure on – their grievances. Instead, a Cancer-Pisces couple are likely to indulge in guilt trips, emotional games-playing and sulky standoffs.

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The emotional rapport between a Cancer-Pisces couple is so powerfully intuitive (especially if they’ve been together for some time) that they have the ability to pick up on each others’ moods and feelings without the need for any words to be spoken. This telepathic link is actually so all-consuming that it can sometimes be hard for the two people to know where their own feelings end and their partner’s begin.

Although incredibly romantic and ‘spiritual’, this also creates problems for a Cancer-Pisces couple, especially where negative emotions are concerned. Taking on their loved one’s problems and pain to an excessive extent can cause a lot of unnecessary heartache and worry for both people – and in extreme cases, issues of co-dependency.


Sexually, Cancer and Pisces are well matched in that both are instinctively attuned to the other’s desires, both are capable of a deep and tender erotic connection, and both want a lot more from this relationship than mere physical satisfaction, having a powerful urge to genuinely care for each other.

The earth can move for a Cancer-Pisces couple when they make love with each other. But if motherly Cancer makes the mistake of getting too sexually possessive or acting too clingy, the slippery Fish – who hates to be cornered or pinned down – is likely to do one of its disappearing acts and slither out of reach, possibly forever.