Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer And Taurus Compatibility

When and if the Cancer and Taurus meet and come together, unhesitatingly they could discard any other relationship. Whereas in the past there were undoubtedly relationships, but they failed to prove satisfactory – here they have all the intensity that they want . There will be a lot of travel involved and there will be lots and lots of other pastimes which are not only fun, but thoroughly enjoyable.

A dynamic packed sexual relationship is one that will render both speechless, but there will be no problem at all in understanding each other. The influence that Cancer exerts is a very grounding one and any hurt that the Taurus might be nurturing will be soothed by some kind of sexual healing. There are definite sexual fantasies that the Cancer nurtures and looks to be fulfilled. This fulfilment will come through the Taurus. Romance and sex come together in a perfect combination.

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Both these pairs are of a bent of mind that is conducive to sensuality, excitement and of course orientation towards the family. Words become absolutely redundant where the Taurus and cancer are concerned. A magnetic and overriding sexual attraction draws them close and successfully keeps them together. Taurus would benefit if he makes a little effort to keep the Cancer in good spirits. Cancer in turn has the power to sexually heal the spirits of the Taurus. The great emotional depths that Cancer has strong attracts the Taurus and they would give a lot to hold on to this exciting and sexy member. Sex is the cementing factor. However Taurus will have to make some effort to keep the obstinacy in check or else the Cancer will feel neglected and become unpredictable and irritable.

What kind of a relationship will it be?

The watery, gentle Crab penetrates the hard exterior of the bull and reaches his heart – a place no one has ever reached. Feelings are not a Bull’s cup of tea, but the Crab woman teaches him all about it. Permanence in romance is another thing both of them crave. The Bull falls in love slowly but once he has fallen, he is in it for long term; the same is the case with the Crab. This eternal fidelity of the Bull attracts the Crab.