Vastu For Garage

Vastu For Garage

Vastu Tips For Garage

Did you know that a garage is just as important as your house? Just like a building designed according to vastu principles exudes positivity and abundance, a garage built according to vastu guarantees long life and luck for the residents and the vehicle. In this section we will discuss the various rules laid down by vastu for garage-

  • The garage must always be built in the southeast or northwest of a house.
  • When designing a garage make sure at least three feet of walking space is left inside after the car is parked. This ensures free movement of air and light.
  • The car shed must never touch the compound wall or building.
  • Preferably, the garage gate should face east or north. It is important to make sure that the height of the gate is not more than the height of the main gate of the house (affixed at the compound wall). Also, the gate must open freely, without any obstruction.
  • Trash or inflammable material must never be stored inside a garage.
  • The floor in the garage should slope towards the eastern or northern direction.

Car Parking


  • According to vastu for house, if you place your car in the west side of a northwest located garage, you will undergo a lot of traveling.
  • If a car is parked in the southwestern corner, it will require slight repair work on a regular basis.
  • Never park a car in the northeastern direction. This is because northeast is where the heavenly forces flow; a parked car would block these forces. However, at the same time, if the garage is in the basement, parking in the northeastern side is permitted.
  • A garage located in the southwest would mean rare usage of the vehicle and constant repairing.
  • When parking, always park the vehicle with its front facing east or north. This will guarantee that the vehicle would never get worked up.
  • If you park the car facing west or south side, possibilities are that the car will face fire hazards.

Best Colors According To Vastu For Garage

  • White
  • Yellow
  • And other light color

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