Vastu For Drawing Room

Vastu For Drawing Room

8 March, 2013

Vastu Tips For Drawing Room

Vastu for drawing room is a methodical knowledge bestowed upon us by our seers. The principles laid down by this system can be cleverly incorporated in creating and designing beautiful modern-day living rooms which can make our lives healthier and more meaningful.

The perfect location of a drawing room is essentially based on the direction your house faces. The drawing room can be constructed in the northeast for a house that faces north or east. For a house which faces west, the living room must be in the northwest direction. For a south facing house, southeast is the best direction. Similarly, a drawing room can be in the central west, central east, and central south or central north of a house.

Accessories Best Direction As Per Vastu
Telephone Southwest
Electrical Appliances Southeast
Furniture Southern And Western Corners
Showcase and Almirah Southwest Corner
Cooler or A.C West or North
Pictures depicting water bodies, Water Fountains,  Aquariums North to East Area
Chandelier A little towards the west, never at the centre.
Door East or North
Windows East or North


vastu for drawing room
vastu for drawing room

Colors For The Living Room

The color of the walls should be

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

Choose light colors over the darker ones. This is because lighter tones help brighten up the mood and spread the feeling of warmth.

Placement Of Carpets And Rugs According To Vastu For Drawing Room

You can buy carpets and rugs for your living room in colours pertaining to the direction you want to use them in:

Planet Direction Colour
Copper, White, Red
Rainbow Colors
Dull or Pastel colors of Blue
Blue or Black


Seating Arrangement In The Living Room


  • The head of the family or house and his life partner must sit in the southwestern corner of the living room, facing north-east or east. This ensures strength and positivity.
  • The guests must always be seated in the southeast or northwest. The seating for the guests must be done in such a way that they face west or south.  
Vastu Tips To Keep In Mind


  • The furniture in the room must be rectangular or square.
  • Rectangle, square and round shapes are apt for the center table.
  • Make sure the furniture is a few inches away from the wall (it must not touch the wall)

Also as per vastu for house, there must be more open space in the eastern and northern corners.

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