Vastu Tips For Guest Room

Vastu Tips For Guest Room

Athiti devo bhavah is a Sanskrit verse which literally translates to mean ‘The guest is God’. For centuries, this verse has become the code of conduct for the Hindus who believe in welcoming their guests with immense warmth and open arms. A guest room is where the ‘Athiti’ or the guest stays and just like any other room in the house, it also needs to be built according to vastu. This section will deal with some beneficial advice on Vastu for guest room.

The ideal location for a guestroom is the Northwest while the second best options are South and Southeast. However, it’s inauspicious to build this room in the Southwest of a house as this direction is reserved only for the head of the house.

Ideal Directions According To Vastu For Guest Room

AccessoriesRight DirectionAdvice
BedSouth or West
  • Place the bed in such a way that the guests sleep with their head towards South.
  • There should never be a beam running over a bed.
Electronic itemsSoutheast wall
CabinetsSouth or West wall
The Door Of The Guest RoomNortheast door must face east.
Southeast door must face south.
Northwest door must face west.
WindowsIf the guestroom is in the Northwest corner, windows should be in the Northeast corner.

If the guestroom is in the Southeast corner, windows should be in the South or southeast corner

BathroomSouthwest (if the guest room is in the  Northwest corner)


Colors For Guest Room

  • White
  • Coral Red
  • Lighter shades of Pink

You can also check out our section vastu colors for home for more information on this topic.

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