Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Aquarius And Leo Compatibility

When Leo and Aquarius join together in a love match, the merging of Aquarian foresight and Leo creativity causes people to take notice. This partnership is energetic and unstoppable, and although occasional competitions may occur, there is never a dull moment for these two. Their Signs are congenial and have a good relationship. Both tend to be idealistic and highly motivated. Both are attracted to all things novel, and are thrill-seekers; they may even occasionally turn life into a giant game of Truth or Dare.

Many Leo-Aquarius relationships thrive on unending mutual admiration. Leo admires the individualism, vision and creative characteristics of Aquarius. In turn, Aquarius admires the Lion’s zeal, charm and dignity — Aquarians always have new ideas, but they don’t always have the drive to make those ideas real as Leo does. Both Signs pride themselves on their independence, but conflicts can arise if Leo seems too demanding or Aquarius seems too aloof. Both partners should respect differences of perspective in the other. Leo can be too dramatic for Aquarius’ taste, but Aquarius in turn could be too unsteady for their Leo counterpart. If they communicate to one another the value of the relationship, everything will be okay.

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Can cool, lighthearted airy sign Aquarius find love in the arms of a sensitive, warm-hearted fiery sign Leo? Well, pretty much, they can. Leo and Aquarius love partnership is a refined mixture sugar, spice and so many things nice.

When a Leo falls in love, they do so with their whole heart and soul. From showering their loved ones with care and attention to expressing love with dramatic romantic gestures, Leo wants to do it all. Aquarius might not like to make strong promises and declarations of love from rooftops as early as their Leo partners might like to hear, but they have other interesting things to offer. With their Aquarius lover, Leo will have loads of laughter and excitement. Aquarius can fill their Leo partner with lighthearted fun and help them try things they never tried before.