Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius And Cancer Compatibility

They always say that opposites attract, but with the case of Aquarius and Cancer’s relationship, it takes more than attraction for it to work. Both are two different individuals. Gemini is an introvert, and Cancer is an unconventional, off beat, and always-on-the-go person. The only thing that may bind the two together is their passion and love for their ambitions. Both are hardworking and determined to reach their goals. Then again, there are still many factors in play that can heighten the chemistry between them.

Unlike other signs, Cancer can give Aquarius the gift of tolerance, their non-judgemental character. They are kind-hearted individuals who have expressive and creative minds, among the many qualities Aquarius looks for in a long-term partner. Though both may clash on some viewpoints and opinions, they still let such things pass as they are both very generous.

Both are highly sensitive to the needs of others, emotionally picking up on the signs that others may quickly overlook. As partners, both are responsive and insightful to each other’s needs, even if they hardly show it. In fact, they both can be like psychics, sympathetic listener always on the rush for each other’s rescue.

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Advantages of Cancer and Aquarius Relationship

Cancer has this innate quality of being resourceful, motivated, and hardworking. Though they are not as futuristic as Aquarius is, they can be highly driven to reach their goals. And because of this, the two will find their relationship blissful.

Both are eccentric, at their own pace, which plays very advantageously. And when it comes to romance, both will never hesitate to open themselves up and acknowledge their emotions, something that both will rarely find from others.

Likewise, Aquarius finds Cancer a peace-loving individual. They are never comfortable with aggravating situations. Though they are not submissive, they are ready to give up and compromise simply to promote peace in the relationship. This is one thing that Aquarius looks for in a partner as they never like fighting, violence, or argumentations.

Disadvantages of Cancer and Aquarius Relationship

Aquarius and Cancer may have a promising union, but it still does not exempt them from conflicts. For instance, Cancer is moody and overly sensitive. Though they are peace keepers, they have this great memory that they normally use to bring out past disagreements and the dislikes they have about Aquarius’ past. Being moody for them means they can easily get agitated if someone tells or do something that they don’t like. They tend to strongly react to things, whether it be in a tantrum or nagging way.

Likewise, Cancer is too touchy and clingy. They always have a hard time letting go. Their constant search for security can jeopardize their relationship. And as free spirited as Aquarius is, they do not like people who are possessive. Aquarius values their freedom, and they expect their partner to respect that. If their partner cannot give them the space they want, they will easily pull out of the relationship.