Vastu for House Structure

Vastu for House Structure

According to Vastu, every good thing springs from the right structure of a building

The importance of good foundations and structures can never be over stressed. According to Vastu, every good thing springs from the right structure of a building, whether for a house or for an office. Unfortunately, most architects don’t recognize Vastu Shastra as a science and completely ignore its principles when constructing buildings. Their ignorance stems from the fact that Vastu is not part of the study material in most architecture schools. However, lately, several universities have recognized the value of applying Vastu for correct orientations and have integrated it in their course curriculum. They strongly believe that the principles laid down by this traditional science of construction holds a lot of reason.

While architecture only deals with the technical aspect of constructing and decorating a building, Vastu Shastra relates to the universe, delivering peace, prosperity, health and happiness to the people.


The picture 1.1 depicts a wrongly constructed house. This kind of construction has the ability to degrade the owner’s prestige, bring in financial problems, lead to health defects, stress, and much more. The problem with this structure is it is built in the north east direction within the Compound wall. Such orientations are not auspicious.

This direction is called Southeast or Agni. A house constructed at this corner (within the compound premises) is inhabitable for humans. It will bring in losses, failures, stress, financial issues, quarrels, health problems, court cases, and much more to the residents.

The Northwest corner is also known as Vayavya or Vayu. This particular direction has the capability to make a man really RICH or very POOR according to the usage. This particular picture shows wrong usage of the northwest direction. A house built like this will lead to mental torture, pain, family problems, disputes, and a life time of unhappiness. Never construct a house such as this.

This is the right kind of construction. It helps the positive energies flow and bring-in prosperity. Residents of such houses will always be happy, successful and abundant. Houses in such directions attract a lot of money.

Things To Keep In Mind When Constructing A House:

  • The very first brick of a foundation must be laid in the eastern or northern part of the house.
  • When digging the plot one must never start from the west, south or southwest direction.
  • The very first room has to be constructed at southwest side.
  • Construction of houses on a square or rectangular plot is extremely important and excellent from every aspect. However, if one opts for a rectangular shape, the proportion of the sides must never be more than two ratio one.
  • Bigger sized plots are more favorable, as they tend to bring wealth. But they must not contain cleavages, or cracks.
  • The house must always be open from every side, this means it must never be contiguous to any other building (two houses must never have a common wall). Also, a house must never be crammed between two houses.
  • Plots with triangular shapes are extremely inauspicious.
  • A small plot sandwiched between two bigger plots is inauspicious, and the owner of such a plot can undergo a lot of problem.

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