Vastu For Windows And Doors

Vastu For Windows And Doors

8 March, 2013

Vastu of Windows & doors are very important in Vastu Shastra

The smallest of articles can make a huge difference in the way your luck runs for you. Doors and windows are not merely passages for insulation or for people to enter but are also gateways for positive and negative energies to come into the house. If a window is designed incorrectly in the wrong direction, it can pave way for the negative energies to come in and spell disaster for the inhabitants. Conversely, if the doors and windows are constructed in the right direction, they can bring in a lot of prosperity and luck.

This is also agreed to by Braunth Sanhita, which in one excript says-

Mool Dwaaram Naanayyarabhisanthathi Roopdurya, Gatpal Patra Pramathibhishch Thanmadulau shrich nuyath


The main door of a residence must be bigger than any other door in the house. Also, it must be more beautiful compared to the others. This helps bring in luck and prosperity.

Tips on designing main door & windows according to vastu :-

  • According to Vastu for house structure, a house must at all times have even numbers of windows and doors (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc).
  • When fixing the windows and doors, it is important to keep cross-ventilation in mind. Also, it’s essential to fix windows and doors opposite to one another to allow more light and air to enter.
  • Doors must never be placed at the center of a wall.
  • South-facing houses must have north-facing entrances so that they fall at the eastern half.
  • North-facing houses must have north-facing entrances so that they fall at the eastern half of the side.
  • West facing houses must have their entrance towards West, to make sure the main door falls at the Northern half of the side.
  • The entrance for east-facing houses must be fixed towards the East, to make sure the main door falls towards the Northern half of the side.
  • The main gates of two houses facing each other must never open towards each other. Doors such as these are very inauspicious.
  • Teak is the best wood for making doors and windows.
  • Square or uneven furnishing articles must be avoided.
  • All the windows must have symmetry and must be proportionate in height.
  • There must be absolutely no obstruction, such as plants, Temple, staircases, and the like, in front of the main entrance.
  • Construct doors at the beginning and end of a staircase. For detailed information on this topic visit Vastu for the staircase.
  • The doorway constructed in the eastern direction is very auspicious. However, you can also construct entrances on the western and northern sides. An entry in the southern direction is not suitable.
Starting sound of a person’s NameMain door’s Direction
A, I, O, UNorth or West
Ka, GhNorth
Ch, JaNorth or West
Ta, DaWest
Tha, Dha, NaEast or North
Pa, Pha, Ba, Bha, MaNorth
Ya, Ra, La, VaSouth or North
Sa, Sha, HaEast

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