East Facing House Vastu Plan

East Facing House Vastu Plan

East facing house brings happiness & prosperity to your life. A bad Vastu plan can bring bad luck even to the East Facing House. Let’s learn the benefits of east-facing houses & how bad Vastu can ruin the life of east facing house occupants.

In the modern world, people consider Vastu Shastra as a myth, but that is not what it really is. Vastu shastra is a science that was developed thousands of years ago for designing coordinated homes, palaces, and workplaces. Vastu Shastra provides you with principles of building a structure in a way that it harmonizes with the energies of nature, and they are also at times direction-specific like east facing house Vastu.

The basic concept of Vastu Shastra is to combine all 5 elements present in nature- fire, earth, water, air, and sky. Together they make a pleasant and livable setting. When these Vastu principles are integrated with the right architectural techniques, it results in a peaceful ambiance that brings positivity and prosperity.

In Vastu Shastra, the five elements present on earth have a certain significance associated with them. For instance, the sky is about enhancements and expansions, water is about healing and spirituality, fire is about fame and power, the earth is about harmony and peace, and the air is about happiness and joy. In this article, we are focusing on Vastu tips for east facing houses. It will comprise all that you need to know about east facing house Vastu plans.

How Do I Know That It’s an East Facing House?

When you are inside your home, standing in front of the main gate, the direction you face is the direction of your house. So, while exiting the house if you face the east direction, then the house you live in is an east-facing one.

Are East Facing Houses Lucky?

It is believed that homes constructed with their face towards the east direction or with maximum space towards the east attract fortune and luck. Some homes which are broad and low-lying towards the east are known to be the best as per Vastu Shastra.

East Facing House Vastu Tips

  • It is quite beneficial to have the Pooja room in the northeast direction because it is considered to be the corner of mental peace.
  • If your home has a staircase, it is best to have it in the west or south direction.

Main Gate of East Facing House Plan as per Vastu

If yours is an east facing house, you should pay attention to the placement of the main gate. Ensure that the main gate is placed in the centre and not in the northeast or southeast corners of the house, as they are considered to be inauspicious in terms of Vastu.

Plan for an East Facing Vastu House

S. No.Type of RoomPreferred Direction as per Vastu Shastra
1Guest room, kitchen, living roomNorth-West
2Drawing room, living room, officeNorth
3Pooja RoomNorth-East
4Study room, dining room, children’s roomWest
5Verandah, atrium, entrance lobby, balconies and other open spacesEast
6Staircases, overhead tanksSouth
7Kitchen, bathrooms, staircasesSouth-East
8Storerooms, garages, master bedroomsSouth-West
9Main doorsRight in the Centre

East Facing Vastu House Design for Master Bedroom 

While laying out the east-facing house Vastu plan 3D, put your master bedroom in the southwest direction and this room should be larger than the rest of the rooms in your house. Vastu for the east-facing house suggests that the bed should be placed on the west or south wall of the room so that while sleeping, the head is towards the west or south and the legs should point in the east or north direction. If you plan to incorporate a dressing room in your master bedroom, get it structured in the north or west side of the room. Make sure that you keep the door of the bathroom closed at all times, and it should not be right in front of the bed.

East Facing House Vastu for Living Room

As per the Vastu tips for east facing houses, the living room should be on the northeast side of the place. And the north and east walls of the room should be thinner and shorter than that of the west or south walls. This is believed to bring prosperity in both personal and professional aspects.

East Facing House Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu Shastra suggests that in an east facing house, the kitchen should be constructed in the southeast direction of the house. If that is not a possibility, you can go with the northwest direction too for having the kitchen. But you should try to avoid north, west, or northeast directions. While cooking, the person should face the east, if the kitchen is in the southeast direction. And to the west, if the kitchen is a northwest-facing one. To attract positive energies, place the gas stove, ovens, or toasters on the southeast side, and the refrigerators or storage area should be on the southwest side.

East Facing House Vastu for Dining Room

For east-facing houses, the kitchen and dining room should be in continuation in the south, west, or east side. The entrance door and the dining room door should not face each other. While sitting at the dining table, the person should face north, west, or east direction, but the head of the family should always sit facing the east side.

East Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

When the house is facing the east direction, then the pooja room of that house should be in the northeast direction. Be it a 2 BHK east facing house plan or a 3 BHK east facing house plan, the pooja room should be constructed away from the bathroom.

If you have an entrance that faces south east, put three Vastu pyramids, one on each door side and the third on top of the main door. You can also put a Swastika, Om and Trishul symbol on both door sides.

Artefacts for East Facing House Design

To improve the relationships between friends and family, you should place a painting of the rising sun in the east direction. On the east wall of the living room, you can place a painting of seven horses because it is believed to bring in wealth. The colour associated with air is green, which is about the eastern part of the house. Hence, having a picture depicting greenery can be placed in the east direction to attract growth. To let happiness and harmony prevail in the house, place a statue of a laughing Buddha on the eastern side.

East Facing House Vastu for Water Tank Placement

In the house, the best location for placing a water tank is in the northeast or north direction. If the water tank is overhead, it should be placed in the west or southwest direction, but according to Vastu, the water tank should never be at the centre of the house.

East Facing House Vastu for Open Spaces or Balcony

According to the Vastu for east facing houses, the open spaces like balconies should be in the east direction. This is because an uninterrupted source of natural light should be in the house to attract positive energies. Thus, having open spaces in the east direction in a house that faces east brings good luck and health for the inhabitants. If the east corner of your house is blocked, it can result in health issues for the family members.

Ideal Wall Colours for East Facing House

For painting the east-facing houses, you should consider that the house gets an ample amount of light in the morning, and you might need some artificial source of light during the afternoons. So, when you go ahead with paint selection, visualize how it will look in the natural as well as artificial light. Generally, people go with the hues of green and blue for painting their east-facing rooms. Rooms painted with blue color and a hint of grey in them give a cool vibe, whereas green with aqua shades adds freshness to the room. If you are a minimalistic person, then lighter shades of pink and white will be the best choices.

Staircase Vastu for East Facing Homes

According to Vastu of an east-facing house, the staircase should be in the west, southwest, or south direction. A staircase should never be in the northeast corner of the house as it allows the sun rays to enter the home. The stairs should be built in a clockwise direction to add good vibes to the home.

Some Don’ts for East Facing House as per Vastu Shastra

While constructing an east facing house, you should keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Having toilets in the northeast direction is a strict no-no.
  • There should be no septic tanks placed in the northeast direction of the house.
  • Your kitchen should also not be in the northeast direction.
  • The northeast direction of the house should not have any staircases.
  • Your entrance should not be obstructed by a pole or tree.
  • The garage should not be in the northeast direction.
  • You should not keep the northeast corner of the house too packed.
  • There should not be any slope in the plot towards the south or north direction.
  • You should never place a mirror in front of the bed.
  • Never plant trees in the north or east direction.

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Q.1 Is an east facing house well?

East is symbolic of life, energy, and light. This is because the sun rises from the east. Every morning, when the sun rises, fresh energy enters the east facing house. As a result, this is the reason that east facing houses are considered really good and lucky for their occupants.

Q.2 Which is the best direction for a house to face?

The direction of your house or the direction that it faces is the direction that you face while you are coming out of your house. The main entrance direction, based upon Vastu principles, is the crucial and vital aspect while you are planning a home. You should ensure that the entry falls somewhere around the north east direction or east direction along with north west. These are the three best directions for entrances to homes.

Q.3 What is the east entrance in Vastu?

If you are within the house, in front of the entrance door, it is the direction that you will be facing while coming out from the home. If you are facing east while coming out from your home through the main door, then you will have an east facing property.

Q.4 What does an east-facing house mean?

It means that the direction of the compass is east when you are coming out from your home, i.e. the house faces towards the east direction.

Q.5 Is an east-facing house good as per Vastu?

East is considered to be a good symbol of light, life and energy which is positive. The sun rises from the East and hence it is taken to be an extremely lucky direction. The east facing house will be lucky for its occupants.

Q.6 What are the recommended wall paint colors for east-facing rooms? 

Ans: After visualizing the room in natural as well as artificial light, the ideal colours for such rooms are different shades of blue, green, grey, and aqua. 

Q.7 What type of plants are considered lucky for east-facing houses? 

Ans: Lucky plants for east-facing homes are aloe vera, daffodils, citrus plants, money plants, neem plants, basil plants, lucky bamboo, a banana plant, and plum blossoms to name a few. 

Q.8 Is an east-facing house the best option as per Vastu compliance? 

Ans: After north-facing houses, east-facing houses are the second-best option for Vastu compliant homes. 

Q.9 Can a lack of Vastu Shastra cause disruptions to personal lives? 

Ans: Vastu Shastra is a study of layout, design, ventilation, and mainly directions of a property. It is a practical approach to avoid destruction, and disturbances and overall aids in creating a spacious and free-flowing atmosphere. Naturally, when the harmony of this is affected, it can cause disruptions in the personal lives of those living there. 

Q.10 In case there is no possibility of placing the main entrance door in the center, what is the best option? 

Ans: You can then ensure that you leave a gap on the corner of the wall of about half a foot and then start the main entrance door. It May is not ideal, but sometimes, due to some circumstances, doors cannot be changed so this option works out.

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