Astrology Of India

Astrology Of India

Astrology Of India

According to India Vedic Astrologers, your true self & character is described by the position of the planet’s, at the time & place of your birth. The current & upcoming roles of the planet’s are in in comparison to those of your birth graph to estimate your future life.This is the reasons of Astrology Of India.

Our Astrologer makes use of date, time and the place of birth to give you actual and described prediction(forecasts) He is a world famous and well known astrologer who offers in all areas of astrology of india. He is an professional at astrology and provides all astrology solutions such as Pitra Dosh, Vastu Expert, Gemstone, daily Horoscope, Kundli(Match) Making,love & marriage, Vashikaran, Numerology, Palmistry, Property Solution,Financial Issues Remedy and Tantra and more..

For queries regarding a Astro Consultant Kindly contact us at : cate [at] for more details!

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2 thoughts on “Astrology Of India

  1. soniya says:

    Hi, v consulted 4 astrologers and all r against r marriage as dey say i have low mangal and v have nadi dhosh..r families dont want us to get married bt v cannot stay without each other…plz help us..v r ready to do any remedy..our details r as follows
    name : soniya kavthankar
    dob 12 july 1991
    place of birt:mumbai
    time: 10:10 pm
    boy’s details: devang wadhavkar
    date of birth: 7 dec 1989
    Time: 11:59 pm
    place :valsad (gujara)

  2. Radha says:

    I want to know my death date

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