Virgo and Leo

Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Zodiac Compatibility- Leo Virgo is a fairy tale story of day and night. The partnership is full of differences in the initial go but a strong bond can be formed with both partners gradually understanding and appreciating each other’s attributes. The opposite personalities makes the love match a highly complementary one with time.


The combination has serious Leo-Virgo Relationship Compatibility challenges initially due to wildly different elements – Earth and Fire. While the former wants stability the latter is adventurous. Leo being the Fire element are warmhearted and loving individuals; on the other hand, Virgo belongs to Earth element and are perceived as conservative and well organized beings. Leo-Virgo Love Compatibility can work insanely well once both the partners make an effort to know each other. In the initial phase of their relationship, Leo-Virgo Marriage Compatibility score can be low but this bond evolves with time and this is when each partner starts understanding and appreciating each other’s differences.

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Leo and Virgo Sexual Intimacy

In order to determine a zodiac love match, the first thing any astrologer looks towards is a sexual understanding between couples in the light of the planets. When the natal charts of both these signs are compared, however, one can safely assume that Virgo is certainly not the Leo best love match. The reason behind this is pretty simple. Leo, coming from the element of fire brings not only great energy to the bed but also a strong urge to be praised all the while. Virgo, on the other hand, is quiet in nature and tends to show the same behavior in bed too.

Leo and Virgo Trust

Leo compatible signs tend to harbor great feelings of trust towards their partner. This is also coupled with the fact that the energy Leos radiates goes on to make them the center of attention and everybody unconsciously goes on to trust them. Not that Leos do not take undue advantage of this, but a Virgo is often caught in this trap too. However, in return, Leo sees how genuine the feelings of the Virgo are, and comes back with equal trust. This is perhaps the only hope of a compatible relationship between a Leo and Virgo.