Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

This is one of the more complex pairings in the zodiac. This couple has a lot of strengths that will help them to build great relationships, and maybe even find a love that leads to marriage. They also have some weaknesses that could drag them apart. Before launching into a new relationship, find out how this zodiac pairing works together.

Cancer and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility

What happens when a water sign and an earth sign come together? In this instance, it could be something really powerful but steady, like a mighty river.

Your Cancer nature makes you deeply emotional with a strong desire to live within the bounds of a stable, nurturing relationship. While you’re not as materialistic as some other signs, you do like the idea of having a nice home, filled with nice things, shared with a nice person.

Virgo is an earth sign and Virgos are very down to earth. Influenced by Mercury, Virgo men and women are strong communicators. They also like to make big plans, which they will follow through on when they have the right support.

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Cancer and Virgo Strengths

When these two signs work together, they can achieve wonderful things. Between them, they will come up with some very practical goals for their life together. That includes creating a comfortable home with plenty of creature comforts. From the outside, Cancer and Virgo can often appear to be the perfect couple and visitors to their home will find themselves filled with envy.

Cancer will provide the emotional basis for this relationship and may be able to help the Virgo to understand themselves. Virgo will give Cancer some of the direction and drive that they might sometimes lack when they’re by themselves or with other partners. If the relationship clicks, these two will become an unstoppable force — solid, dedicated, and focused on each other’s needs.

Cancer and Virgo Weaknesses

Cancer and Virgo isn’t always the most passionate pairing. Although these two can certainly find each other very attractive, the early days of these relationships are more about respectful friendships than rushing into bed. If you don’t make an effort to flirt with your Virgo, the two of you might be good friends but not much else.

Cancer’s biggest issue with the other signs is that their feelings can be very easily hurt. Virgo isn’t the best sign for dealing with this vulnerability, as they can sometimes be a bit too practical. Cancer can see this as a form of insensitivity when really it’s just that the Virgo is focused on their goals.