Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

There is always an element of being taken unawares in this relationship and that not only makes it challenging, but absolutely exciting too. What adds an extra special zing to the relationship is that it can turn sexual at the fastest speed ever. Aquarius and Virgo combine friendship, passion and sexuality too. Besides, they also have a common link in the creativity of their natures. When a certain length of time has gone by, one of the partners in the relationship can all a sudden fall deeply in love.

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It would be the best if initially Virgo were to keep it light and observe just what the development is like. So far as Aquarius is concerned – they should learn to appreciate the Virgo’s efforts and laughter. Virgo is not as shy as believed and should Aquarius keep silent too long, the relationship might suddenly end. Planning journeys together could build bridges and memories for a lifetime. Social activities form another very important facet of their relationship. Virgo helps the Aquarius to remain grounded. It is over a prolonged period of time that both of them actually start enjoying the throes of love. Virgo should play this relationship with a very light hand. This is an unique relationship that mingles attachment, sexuality and also vivacity. Between these two there can never be anything dull and they both create unforgettable memories.

Virgo and Aquarius marriage compatibility…

It’s going to be hard to get Aquarius anywhere near a church or wedding vows – Virgo will have to use all their powers of persuasion. If the water bearer does finally cave in to nuptials expect the first year of marriage to be the most challenging – that’s when feelings of being trapped are most acute. The best way to avoid this is to provide Aquarius with plenty of alone time and even live in separate houses. The wedding itself is elegantly executed by Virgo with Aquarius attempting to add some wacky, eccentric touches.