Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

A Sagittarius-Sagittarius love match is one of those relationships where no one knows what to expect. Both partners enter with their changeable natures & bring along an exciting uniqueness for the other partner. While they hold promise for making an iconic pair together for a very long time, they also face the possibility of falling apart at the first hint of boredom. Anyhow, the whole experience is bound to an action packed journey, as this match possesses good compatibility levels.

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius does not value the feeling of love as much as it seeks emotional peace. For them, being emotionally stable is more important than feeling loved all the time. As such, when the two partners enter a romantic relationship, love is not what they look forward to. They focus on bringing a balance of emotions in their lives together, along with the habitual exploring quotient. They are usually not very possessive towards their partner, nor are they willing to give up on their choice to flirt with everyone around them.

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Trust Compatibility

Two Sagittarius partners together would form a trust bond that is very hard to break or even waver, due to their mutual tendencies to consider themselves as free of impurities or deceitful ideas. A Sagittarius Man can still flirt around with every girl in his group & Sagittarius woman would not mind, since they understand each other too well. Everything is out in the open for both the partners & the need to hide itself is missing. Thus, very high trust compatibility exists.

Communication Compatibility

Sagittarius is usually the only sign that can truly understand another Sagittarius. Thus, when two of them are together, they can communicate for hours about exciting & passionate interests, which both the partners find to be educating. Their way of expression is unique & engaging, & when they speak their mind, only another Sagittarius can comprehend it accurately. As long as their egos are at bay, anger & clash of opinions are out of the window, leading to a very good communication compatibility.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility

Sexual relationships are best experienced with an overflow of emotions. A Sagittarius duo brings deep thinking, instead. Intimacy lacks emotions & is run by a series of unending thoughts. They seem to think more about it, & act less while it is actually happening. This can result in lower sexual compatibility & can often lead to short quick acts in place of a passionate long emotional journey. The instant sparks of charm bring them together in bed often but long-term sexual relations are still occasional.