Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Leo and Pisces for a love match where two mentalities confront each other. Leo, the self-proclaimed hero of the society comes face to face with the fantasies of Pisces, & the results are not very soothing. Their approaches towards life are much different & mentalities barely match. To push oneself to remain in this relationship would only damage their self-respect & self-confidence. Low compatibility will prevail despite all the efforts.

Love Compatibility

Both Leo & Pisces are highly emotional signs. Leo is open & overflowing with emotions, while Pisces is a passive lover, with limited expression of feelings. Yet, they refuse to fight over this issue since both refuse to compromise on their fixed set of values. They stand for what they believe in without faltering, leaving little scope for improvement in this love match, & hence, bad love compatibility.

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Trust Compatibility

Pisces & Leo can almost never develop a trust compatibility. Though both value being truthful to their partners, none could understand the other’s nature & misinterpret it for lack of faith. Leo’s flaunting nature seems boastful to Pisces, while Pisces’s fantastical thoughts would make Leo think that Pisces is never in their true senses to be trusted.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility

Pisces & Leo are emotionally strong & have separate approaches in sexual relationships. Both are selfish to an extent. While Leo would expect their partner to acknowledge Leo’s sexual superiority in bed, Pisces would want their partner to smoothly allow Pisces to open up & make them comfortable. Leo’s head on approach can make Pisces feel ashamed or even scared. Neither partner reaches a satisfactory level in bed, leaving intimacy compatibility almost absent.