Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio make up the third and eighth signs of the zodiac system. Love computability between the two signs seems to be full of challenges, driven as they are apart by both personality traits and priorities. One of the most fundamental differences between a Gemini and Scorpio is in the relative intensity of personal connections. It is just not in the nature of a Gemini to be overwhelmingly devoted to a person or to an interest or plan for that matter. Being ruled by the element air, they are rather distant from the messy world of human emotions and feel at home when exchanging ideas or involved in discussions. The Scorpio on the other is fiercely intense in its passions. It is capable of both loving and hating to an extreme degree and though it will rarely show its feelings, you can be sure that deep down there are rigorous churnings in the heart of a Scorpio lover. This ability to plumb great emotional depths is an influence the ruling element of water.

Yet another crucial difference between the signs is in their respective ability to form lasting attachments. Being a mutable sign, the Gemini thrives on variety of involvements and multiplicity of roles through which they flit with airy ease. The Scorpio on the other hand is a fixed sign which makes it a loyal and devoted lover but when its affections are not returned with the same conviction, can also turn them jealous and possessive.

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Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

The initial encounter of the male Gemini and female Scorpio is likely to take each other by surprise. Here is a man who whizzes from one activity and party to another, charming everyone – including the Scorpio woman he has just met – with his sparking conversation and brilliant mind. At the same time he is awe of this woman who is quiet but completely self-assured, knows exactly what she wants from life and how to get it. Their courtship will be an interesting affair with each matching the other, whether in artistic pursuits, intellectual games or sporting action. The Gemini guy will prove an expert competitor to the highly intelligent and courageous Scorpio woman who in turn will enjoy the vivacious company of this talented man. Their lovemaking too will be an unforgettable experience, simmering with the intense passions of the Scorpio woman and uplifted by the brilliant imagination of the Gemini man.

The Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

Here too the restlessness of the Gemini woman will be incomprehensible to the male Scorpio who is completely self-possessed and absolutely sure of his priorities in life. Nothing anyone can say or do will make his self-confidence falter or make him waver in his goals; it is this silent but tenacious temperament that is completely opposed to the impetuous Gemini and thus intensely attractive to her. However once she gets to know more of him, she will find his intensity overwhelming and his claims on her too restraining. And God forbid anyone who rubs the male Scorpio the wrong way for then she will feel the full venom of his vengeance. Thus if a Gemini woman feels she is not ready for a meaningful relationship, it is best to be honest with a Scorpio partner from the very beginning; their affections are not to be trifled since they both love and hate with equal intensity.