Aries and Cancer

Aries And Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer in love are magnetically compatible. Yes they are very different zodiac personalities who bond and look towards a common goal. This is the case of unlike people attracting each other. Aries is all spontaneous and wild while the Cancer personality comes of as sentimental.

The tendencies of the Aries star sign can be too intense for the Cancerian as his/her behaviors are quite over the top. For this reason, it takes time for this Aries Cancer relationship to hit it off. Cancer may be a little sluggish and less active as seen through Aries eyes.

The Crab is attracted to their lover in this Aries Cancer love compatibility because of his assertive nature which makes them accept the proposal promptly as opposed to their slow nature. During the first days, when the Aries is dating a Cancer, they will do everything from dinner to presents and other actions to show Cancer that he/she is in love. Aries will hunt and catch his prey. The Ram finds the emotional nature of crab interesting and this balances their open tendencies.

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When Aries Ties Up With Cancer

What will happen if those belonging to the Zodiac Signs, Aries, and Cancer link up in life? It is a study that is worth undertaking, and we will know why that is so, very soon! Aries and Cancer should make an interesting combo. Sign-wise, Aries and Cancer stand for fire and water respectively. These two cannot be best of friends. Hence, it is natural for them to have their own set of strengths, weaknesses, choices, and preferences. That they may still end up as one of the best pairs, may sound strange, but this is very much a fact. It will be interesting to get into both these personality types, and also compare and contrast their likes and dislikes. This can help us to zero in on the Cancer-Aries compatibility index.

Aries and Cancer Personality Traits

Aries is driven by confidence, enthusiasm, and determination, and those people are ready to take on leadership roles and accept any challenges. They give in less to emotions and go instead by facts, figures, and analytics. The term Cancer may mean a crab, and that happens to be its symbol too. Cancerians can be moody and are generally ruled by their hearts than by their minds. They are, however, confident personalities. They are also quite intuitive and family-oriented. When it comes to love and standing by their partners, Cancerians can be said to top the chart, for their love is unconditional. Hence, having a Cancer-born partner can be nothing short of a boon, and the Cancer and Aries compatibility can ensure smooth sailing in life.

Aries and Cancer Love Match

The pairing of those belonging to the Cancer and Aries signs can remain one of the most durable associations among all the zodiac sign combinations. Both can complement and support each other. The love and care of the Cancerians and the near-perfect mindset of the Aries may make them a stunning pair. Their affection can overshadow all their differences and help them to build strong bonding. Once their relationship is well-set, it would remain healthy and everlasting. But all said and done; if the couple is unable to come to cordial terms with each other for whatever reason, life can become quite challenging for them. Their bond may turn sour and painful. So it is in the hands of the couple to stabilize Aries Cancer compatibility and enjoy its fruits throughout their lives.