West Facing House Vastu Plan – Tips & Tricks

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Tips & Tricks

22 May, 2023

A west-facing house can offer several advantages in terms of natural light and ventilation. However, ensuring a harmonious living environment within such a house requires careful consideration of Vastu principles. In this article, we will explore effective tips and tricks for creating a well-balanced and positive energy flow in a west-facing house. By following these Vastu guidelines, you can maximize the potential of your home and promote a sense of well-being for all its occupants.

The Importance of West Facing Houses

West-facing houses have gained popularity due to their unique advantages. The afternoon and evening sunlight that illuminates the property can create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Moreover, proper planning and adherence to Vastu principles can help balance the potential challenges associated with west-facing houses. Implementing appropriate Vastu tips and tricks can enhance the overall energy flow and ensure a harmonious living experience.

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Entrance Placement

The entrance of a house plays a significant role in determining the flow of energy. In a west-facing house, the main entrance is ideally located in the northwest or west direction. This placement facilitates the inflow of positive energy while minimizing the potential negative impact. Ensure that the entrance is well-lit, inviting, and obstacle-free to attract positive energy into your home.

Living Room Arrangement

The living room serves as a central gathering space for family and guests. To create a balanced atmosphere in a west-facing house, position the living room towards the northeast or northwest direction. Placing heavy furniture along the west wall can help counterbalance the strong sunlight and prevent excessive heat. Use light-colored curtains or blinds to regulate the natural light entering the room. Additionally, incorporating elements like indoor plants, a water fountain, or a Vastu-friendly color palette can enhance the positive energy flow in the living room.

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Bedroom Placement and Design

Bedrooms are sanctuaries for rest and rejuvenation. In a west-facing house, it is advisable to position the master bedroom in the southwest corner. This placement fosters stability and promotes healthy relationships among occupants. Use earthy tones for bedroom décor and avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the bed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Ensure that the bed is positioned with the head towards the south or west for a restful sleep.

Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity in Vastu principles. In a west-facing house, place the kitchen in the southeast corner. This arrangement ensures proper ventilation and balances the fire element associated with the west direction. Avoid positioning the cooking stove directly in front of a door or window to prevent the outflow of positive energy. The dining area should be located adjacent to the kitchen, preferably in the northwest or west direction, to encourage positive social interactions during mealtime.

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Tips for Enhancing Vastu Energy

In addition to the specific placement of rooms, several general tips can enhance Vastu energy in a west-facing house. These include:

  • Keeping the center of the house free from heavy objects to facilitate energy flow.
  • Incorporating natural light through windows and skylights.
  • Using Vastu-friendly colors for interior walls and décor.
  • Regularly decluttering and organizing the space to maintain positive energy.
  • Avoiding sharp edges and corners in furniture and décor to promote a sense of harmony.
  • Installing mirrors strategically to reflect and amplify positive energy.


A well-planned west-facing house can provide a harmonious and prosperous living environment when Vastu principles are applied effectively. By carefully considering the placement of entrances, rooms, and key elements within the house, you can create a positive energy flow that promotes well-being and happiness for the occupants. Remember to seek the guidance of a Vastu expert for personalized advice tailored to your specific west-facing house.

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