Vastu For Over Head Tank

Vastu For Over Head Tank

Vastu Shastra Tips For Water Tank

Water tank systems are a great extension to architecture and have been helping people accumulate water for drinking, irrigation, livestock, food preparation since the beginning of civilization. The Guru’s believe that containers placed according to vastu shastra ensure health and abundance for the inmates, helping them live a more fulfilled life.

The best direction for an overhead tank is South-West or West.

Useful Tips As Per Vastu For Over Head Tank:

  • A tank located in the southwestern direction must be at least 2 feet or 60 cm over the slab. This is to make sure there isn’t any water leakage leading to moisture production (dampness in the south-west corner is highly inauspicious).
  • Although northeast belongs to the water element, it is not good to place a hefty overhead tank in this region. Experts ofvastu for house and office believe it’s a bad omen to make this corner heavy. However, it is okay to place a small tank here.
  • Placing a tank in the south-eastern corner is inauspicious and may lead to loss in finances and proneness to dangerous accidents.
  • An overhead tank in south has medium effect. However, you should make sure that the container is 2 feet above the roof slab and does not leak.
  • If you plan on installing a solar geyser its best to place it above the overhead tank to make sure water flows properly.
  • A tank located in the west side (but not southwest) is extremely beneficial because this direction belongs to the Lord Of Rains. This location does not necessitate placing the tank over a slab.
  • Never place an overhead tank in the north-west. However, it is okay if the container is small and is located at a place minimum 2 feet from north-west.
  • The overhead tank should never be placed in the middle. This area is the Bramhasthan and if the Brahma is loaded, life of the inmates can become miserable.
  • Avoid using tanks made of plastic. However, if you plan to get one its best to choose it in colors such as blue or black since dark colors tend to absorb sunrays. And sunlight has the power to create positive energies.
  • It’s advisable to keep different tanks for different utilities. There should be a separate tank for cooking and drinking. Also, water for bathrooms and toilets should come from a different container.

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