Vastu For Locker Room

Vastu For Locker Room

8 March, 2013

Vastu Tips For Locker Room

The location of a locker room determines the material affluence of a house. According to vastu shastra, locker rooms must be idyllically located in the northern direction. Also, it’s very important to make sure the room is well protected and apt to keep jewelry and cash. This section will deal with vastu shastra tips pertaining to locker room.

Shape Of A Locker Room

A locker room must always be rectangular or square shaped. Also, the height of this room should never be more or less than that of the other rooms.

Location Of The Locker

  • The best location for a chest as per vastu for locker room is south.
  • Do not place a locker in the north-east corner or south-west as it may lead to financial losses.
  • The chest must always have its front towards the north wall and its back towards the southern wall.
  • Locker or Almirah placed in the north-west or south-east corner may lead to needless expenditure.
  • The locker should be minimum one foot away from the south-west or north-west corner.
  • A chest must always be placed at least an inch from the wall.
  • If there is a scarcity of space you can place the locker in the Eastern direction.

Doors and Windows For A Locker Room

The locker room must not have more than one door. The door should have two-shutters and must be in the east or north direction. Avoid constructing doors at the south-west, south-east, and north-west and in any other southern direction. Windows must be constructed in the North or East direction in the room.

Color According To Vastu For Locker Room

The best color for a locker room is yellow.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Locker room must never be under a beam.
  • A locker must never be placed in a corner.
  • Valuables must be kept in the southern or western part of the locker.
  • The room should always be clutter free and clean.
  • Hang a mirror to reflect the locker. This helps in doubling the wealth.
  • A fountain with calming sound of water should be placed in the room as it can generate positive energy in the space.

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