Vastu For Children Room

Vastu For Children Room

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Has your child been suffering from problems such as bad health, bullying, insomnia, low self esteem, or bad grades? If the prescribed medicines and extra classes aren’t working then it’s probably time to consider vastu for children room. According to the experts, all these negative effects are related to constructions with improper Vastu principles. Below we discuss the standards that must be followed when building a child’s room so to give your young one a positive atmosphere-

  • As per vastu for house, the most suitable direction for a kid’s room is west. Apart from this, you can also construct the room in the northeast, northwest, and southeast directions. However, avoid southwest completely.
  • The mirror must never be placed at the opposite side of the child’s bed.
  • The cabinets must be in the west or south direction of the room.
  • The windows should be designed in the north or east direction.
  • Other furniture items like the study table, couch etc, must be placed a few inches away from the walls. Furniture attached to the wall obstructs positive energies from flowing.
  • Vastu colors for home suggest that the room’s walls must be painted in the shades of green. This color symbolizes peace, and freshness.
  • The bed must be placed at the southwest corner.
  • The child’s head must face south or east, when sleeping.
  • Never place a computer or a T.V right opposite to the bed. The computer and T.V tend to reflect the bed when switched off; this is a bad omen.
  • Always place reflecting objects such as television, mirror, and computer in the left or the right hand side of a bed.
  • Place the study table in a way that your child faces north, east, or northeast while studying. East is known to be the most auspicious direction as it helps enhance concentration.
  • Never make use of sharp lights and spot lights in a child’s’ room(they create mental stress).
  • The main entrance to the room must never be opposite to the child’s bed.

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