Vastu For Bathroom

Vastu For Bathroom

8 March, 2013

A bathroom/toilet is one of the most important rooms in a pad. However, most people are completely ignorant of the intricate rules that govern this particular space. Putting in a humble amount of effort to rebuild a lavatory according to vastu for bathroom will reap several rewards for you, and may even make it your new sanctuary, after the bedroom!

According to the experts, the most appropriate location for constructing a bathroom is East.

Auspicious Directions For Various Bathroom Accessories:

Accessories Direction
Mirror North
Taps and showers North
Toilet West or Northwest (a couple of feet above the ground)
Geyser, switchboard, other electrical equipments Southeast corner
Washing machine Southeast and northwest
Bathtub West
Sink North , East or Northeast
Overhead tank Northwest
Drainage system Northeast
Windows or ventilators East or the north
Changing room South or West
Door East

Auspicious Vastu Colors For The Bathroom

  • White,
  • Mixture Of White and Black (Grey tones)
  • Pink, light blue and other Pastel Colors

Avoid the usage of dark hues (e.g. dark red or plain black) as they have a tendency to generate negative energies. Also, bathroom tiles must be kept in subtle, pale shades.

Things To Keep In Mind in Vastu:

  • As per vastu for bathroom, one must always bathe in the north or east side.
  • The clothes that need to be washed, must be kept in the north-western corner.
  • Toilet must never be built in the northeast or eastern corner.
  • According to Vastu for bathroom, the doors must never be in the southwest direction.
  • Its good to keep the bathroom clean, as proper sanitation lets positive energies flow freely.According to vastu for septic tanks, bathroom pipes must have their outlets in the north or east direction.
  • Use plants to add to the beauty of a bathroom.

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