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Planet Sun in Aries Zodiac Sign (Surya in Mesha Rashi)

We are going to discuss today what results the Sun gives when its in sign of Aries (Mesha Rashi) in anyone’s horoscope.

What is Sun in Vedic Astrology?

Sun in the natural “Atma Karaka”. It represents the soul. Sun is the energy vitality, bodily strength, stamina, personality, reputation, name in society. It also represents government. It is the natural significator of father. It’s your will power, confidence, personality.

What is Aries in Vedic Astrology?

Aries is a Rashi/ Zodiac sign controlled by Mars. It’s a fiery sign so it controls energy, bodily strength, stemina, self confidence, actions, self confidence, courage, aggression, anger, personality. They are initiators and act according to their aims and goals. Aries have cardinal quality & fire element.

Sun sitting in sign of Aries

When the Sun is sitting in Aries zodiac sign, Its Exalted, means sun has the full strength in this zodiac sign  When sun is present at 10 degree its called the deepest exaltation of Sun.

Person with Sun in Aries are very ambitious, they want to leave a mark behind society. They are very ambitious. These types of people are very active & always try to do something that establishes his/her name & status in the society. Sun & Aries both represents bodily energy, vitality, stamina & strength. So, when Sun is sitting in Aries zodiac sign & specially if its sitting in First house or Tenth House or influencing Lagna (Ascendent) Lord, It ensures overall health of the person very good. It provides immense will power to the person. These people are very self confident self motivated. Here, The Sun provides very good leadership capabilities to the person. This is very good position for the people working in government jobs at higher level. They can be bureaucrat, high government officials, ministers, politicians.

Specially if Sun is present in Aries sign in 1st house or 10th house, this is very strong placement of Sun in anyone’s horoscope.

The Sun in Aries makes a person’s personality very dominant. They are very action oriented, Once they start any work they complete it anyhow. They are always dedicated towards one task, they don’t leave anything in between. They are always a good finisher.

Sun & Aries both represents ego. So this type of people have enhanced ego. If sun is sitting with Rahu or  Jupiter OR Sun have influence (aspect) of these 2 planets their ego can be very high in nature. It can also be a negative ego. They can be so much egoistic that their ego can be easily hurt. However if Sun is not influenced by these 2 planets & if its in a very well dignified position in the horoscope, it shows ego is very well balanced. The person will be very confident, they care about their self respect a lot but they have ego in a positive way.

Sun in the sign of Aries also makes a good sports person because Sun & Aries both represents strength, dedication & stamina. Well, this is the general perception as many other combinations & position of planets must be checked to see sportsman qualities.

If Sun is associated with ninth or twelfth  house in Aries sign, It’s very good position for spirituality because 9th house & 12th house both represents higher knowledge, wisdom & spirituality. However in Astrology Sun is not considered good in 12th house because its a “Maran Karaka” position of sun but from spiritual point of view, this is the best position for Sun for spiritualism.

If Sun is associated with Fifth house or Sun is sitting in 5th house or Sun is sitting in D9 (Navamsha) chart, this shows Person will have education in the field of political science, physics or mathematics. Of course other planets & yogas will play a vital role there but in general this is what Sun represents in 5th house.

Sun also represents father as the sun is a natural significator of father. This shows that persons father will in government service, he can be in defense service or he can be a sports person. As the Sun is exalted here, the relationship of the person will be very respectful with the father. Father of the person can be source of motivation also. But you must check the position of 9th lord in the horoscope as the ninth house represents father also. Strength & condition of 9th house is also important. If 9th lord is ill placed, ego clash will happen between son & father. If Mars is in a good sign, then Sun is going to deliver the best possible result. If Mars is debilitated or ill placed or sitting with Rahu, results of Sun will be reduced & delayed.Sun in Aries can be found in many people it doesn’t mean it’ll deliver same result for all. Results will vary depending upon the placement of Sun in the Nakshatra.

In Aries Zodiac sign, Sun can be in these 3 Nakshatra :

  1. Ashwini
  2. Bharani
  3. Krittika

Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra

Depending on the placement of sun in these particular nakshatra, the result of Sun in Aries will vary from person to person. Whenever Sun is sitting in the nakshatra of Ashwini, influence of Ketu will be always there because Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by Ketu. So the Sun in Ashwini nakshatra makes the person over confident, more egoistic, high self esteemed. This type of person can take irrational decision because Ketu is influencing the personality. Here traits of Aries Sun is imbalanced because Ketu is creating imbalance.  However it’s a good nakshatra placement for self realization/ soul realization. Ketu is Moksha karaka planet that helps the person to self realize & proceed to the path of spiritualism.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra

Aries Sun in bharani nakshatra makes a person very ambitious, impulsive, energetic & creative. These people can use/utilize their energy in a creative form. Sportsperson can be seen with Sun in Bharani Nakshatra. Bharani nakshatra is ruled by Venus. So the influence of Venus will always be there.

Sun in Krittika Nakshatra

This is the best possible position of Sun in Krittika nakshatra. Kritika nakshatra is ruled by Sun itself so the Sun is sitting in its own nakshatra. As there is no influence of any other planet, you can see the best results of Sun here. This is going to make person very ambitious with a great leadership skills. It’ll make person confident providing great will power.