Plot / Land Vastu Calculator

Plot / Land Vastu Calculator

8 March, 2013

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, is based on the belief that the universe’s natural elements have a significant impact on human well-being. It aims to create harmonious living spaces by utilizing the principles of energy flow and balance. If you’re looking to build a home or purchase a plot of land, calculating the Vastu of the land or plot is an essential step in ensuring a positive living experience.

Here are some simple steps to calculate the Vastu of your land or plot:

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Step 1: Determine the shape of the land

According to Vastu principles, square or rectangular plots are considered auspicious, while irregularly shaped plots are not. If your land is irregularly shaped, you can compensate by adding or removing land to create a more balanced shape.

Step 2: Determine the orientation of the land

The orientation of the land plays a significant role in the Vastu of a plot. North and east-facing plots are considered the most favorable, while south and west-facing plots are less so. If your land is not facing north or east, you can make adjustments to the building’s placement and design to optimize energy flow.

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Step 3: Check for any obstructions

Obstructions such as trees, buildings, or hills can affect the energy flow of your land. It’s important to consider the location of any obstructions and make necessary adjustments to maximize the Vastu of your land or plot.

Step 4: Calculate the Vastu score

Once you have assessed your land’s shape, orientation, and obstructions, you can calculate its Vastu score. The score is based on a scale of 1-100, with higher scores indicating more favorable Vastu.

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To calculate the Vastu score, you can use our online Vastu calculator or consult with a Vastu expert. A Vastu expert will also be able to provide you with customized solutions to any Vastu-related issues you may encounter.

In conclusion, calculating the Vastu of your land or plot is an important step in creating a harmonious living space. By considering the shape, orientation, and obstructions of your land, you can optimize the flow of energy and create a positive environment for you and your family. Consult with a Vastu expert for personalized guidance and solutions to any Vastu-related issues you may encounter.

Calculate the Vastu score of your land /plot

Calculate your score by writing down the total points you achieve for each aspect of your plot. The points are awarded according to the direction you choose, on a scale of three to ten, with ten being the most beneficial.

What side does your plot face?

Direction Points Scored
East 10
North-East 9
North 8
North-West 7
South-West 6
West 5
South 4
South-East 3

Does the plot have spearing roads/ streets/ lanes?

Spearing  roads in Direction Points Scored
North East or  East 10
North East or  North 9
North West or  West 8
South East or  South 7
South East or  East 6
North West or  North 5
South West 4
South West and  South 3


What is the soil quality like?

Soil Quality Points Scored
Pleasant smelling, Yellowish red soil 10
Pleasant smelling,  Reddish soil 9
Pleasant smelling,  Yellowish soil 8
Rocky land with pleasant surroundings 7
Sandy land with pleasant surroundings 6
Sandy land with foul odor 5
Rocky land with foul odor 4
Marshy and Black soil 3

Which side is your plot sloping towards?

Side Points Scored
North east 10
East 9
North 8
North west 7
South east 6
South 5
West 4
South West 3

Which side is your plot raised towards?

Direction Points Scored
South west 10
West 9
South 8
South east 7
North West 6
North 5
East 4
North east 3

With respect to the Earth’s Magnetic Axis, what is the angle of the plot’s tilt?

Angle Points Scored
Zero to Five 10
Five to Ten 9
Ten to Fifteen 8
Fifteen to Twenty 7
Twenty to Twenty five 6
Twenty five to Thirty 5
Thirty to Thirty five 4
Thirty five to Forty 3


Which shape does your plot have?

Shape  Points Scored
Square shape with extension at the North east 10
Square 9
Rectangle 8
Hexagon 7
Octagon 6
Circular 5
Any other shape 4
Triangular shape 3

Does your plot have any extensions?

Type Points Scored
Rectangular or square plot with an extension in North east 10
Plot of any shape that has even number of sides and an extension in North east 9
Plot of any shape having odd number of sides and an extension in North East 8
Plot with Extension in South East 7
Plot with extension in North West 6
Plot with extension in West 5
Plot with Extension in South 4
Plot with Extension in South West 3

What are your plot’s surroundings like?

Surrounding Points Scored
There is a water body towards North east 10
There is a water body towards East 9
There is a water body towards North 8
There is a substation of electricity in the South East 7
There is a substation of electricity in the North West 6
There is a hill in the South West 5
Thee is a hill in the South 4
There is a hill in the West 3

Add all the points you’ve attained to arrive at your Final Score.
The total points you earn are rated as following:
90 points      – Excellent
70-89   points – Very Good,
41-79   points – Good
up to 40 points – Average
If your score is up to 40 or less, contact a vastu specialist and get the “doshas” fixed immediately. Remember, the solution does not always lie in selling the plot; you can get the problems repaired through easy remedies prescribed by a consultant who is proficient in vastu for plots. Good luck!

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