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Fill up the Vastu Calculation Form to know how effectively your home/office has been designed as per Indian Vasthu Shastra. For more details please feel free to contact us & hire a professional Vastu expert for your home & office.

Vastu Calculator
What is the position of the Main Entrance/Gate?

Where is the Kitchen?

Where is the master bedroom?

Where is the children's bedroom?

Where is the Guest Room?

Where is the Drawing Room or the Dinning room?

Where is the Tube-well or Underground Tank?

Where are the Toilets or bathrooms?

Where is the Garage or Servant's Quarters?

Which direction of the plot is the house build in?

Evaluation & interpretation of your home vastu

Based on the questionnaire and your answers, the following is the result of your Vastu Shastra Home Evaluation.

Vastu Score Result: